Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the scary fun has to end just yet!  Still craving some spooky action?  If so, well known map maker Hypixel has you covered, with this intense adventure map,Herobrine's Mansion!

Featuring numerous customized enemies, 6 unique boss fights, secret rooms, story-enhancing command blocks, specialized item sets, and a special appearance by the mansion's white-eyed owner, this map is sure to satisfy your adventuring needs.

It's even Dinnerbone approved!

You can download the mod to run the map...nowhere!  There is no mod, just the map!  That's right, it is 100% playable without any mods at all!  Of course, you still need the map, which can be downloaded below.  Enjoy!

Download the Herobrine's Mansion Map:  Click here

Herobrine's Mansion

Herobrine's Mansion is a map made by Hypixel. It contains Victor's shop, a small Crypt and Herobrine's Mansion.
Herobrines Mansion

The official artwork

 Victor and his friend can trade you armor, potions, and food. You first visit Victor's shop and defeat the Zombies in front of it. You get rewarded with a Stone Sword, and then you have to visit the Crypt. In the crypt awaits the Skeleton King. After you kill him he drops a music disc. If you play it it triggers a door to open leading to a portal which will teleport you out the crypt. The Mansion contains 3 bosses and Herobrine. The bosses are Areita the spider, Zatho the Mage, and Benetha the witch. Areita is easy to fight and you can defeat her with ease. Zatho sets you on fire and battles with his Zombie minions. Benetha constantly throws potions and poisons you. After you defeat them you must defeat Herobrine, which is in the door located in the entrance of the Hall with the red carpets. After you defeat him, he drops all his armor. Then you battle the Wither. You can use the Holy water to heal yourself and against the Obsidian Skeletons. After you beat the Wither, a bridge builds beside the jukebox which leads to a stone passageway. After you reach the end of the passage, you go to the ending room which is spelled "TO BE CONTINUED".
Herobrine's Mansion (Minecraft Adventure Map)

Herobrine's Mansion (Minecraft Adventure Map)