Skydoesminecraft (Adam Dahlberg)Edit

Skydoesminecraft is a big time youtuber and has about 11 million subscribers. He is ranked 19 place in the most subscribd youtuber in the world just behind Justin Bieber.

Most of his videos consist of mod showcases, jump maps, hunger games, and copse and robbers. Sky's most notable friends are Deadlox, Minecraft universe, Bajan Canadian, Captain Sparklez and so on. His real name is Adam Dahlberg and he does fun, interesting mod showcases. He initially developed hatred at the squid during beta 1.2 because they are annoying little Fucktards! So what did he do? He created an aliance to terminate squids here and there. He is the leader of Sky army, one of the greatest fanbases in the entire universe (Possibly even better than Bro Army)!He usually confuses ingots gold  with sticks of butter "butter". His name is from the game Rune Scpae (RS), and his original name, Skythekid which makes SkythekidRS.

Motto: "Fuck Squids!" "Keep calm and love butter" "Markiplier is awesome!" "I truly love my fans and i dont live my life as a criminal unlike Squiddoesminecraft and Justin Bieber!"