The Walls

The Walls1

The Walls

The walls is a pvp survival game. It is one of the most famous minigames, and it has very well-made features.

When the game starts, 4 teams are put in 4 areas, and walls are blocking the path to another team. In 15 minutes, the players must build a fort which is hard to find, and also safe. The walls fall down after 15 minutes. From now on, the players must battle. Diamond is only found on the temple on the middle of the map. In Hypixel Lobby, there are handmade structures which you can find more ores and more loot. The last team standing wins.


There are two recommended structures in The Walls: skybase, or ground fortress. Skybases are tall structures that has a ladder and a small platform on top of it. A skybase looks like this:

2013-12-04 21.07.58


A skybase is not safe, but you can destroy the ladders and build walls and a ceiling to prevent dying in the first few minutes. Don't build it way to tall, because you can fall to your death. You can also set up traps in the entrance, like a pressure plate leading to TNT.

Ground fortresses are a safe option, and are strongly reccomended. These structures are small mines in conditions where you can survive. If you block the entrance, it will be hard to find your mine, especially if you block it with natural resources. But a major problem is your nametag. Even if you're not seen, your nametag is shown, so you have a chance of being found. A second problem is a source of wood and food. Coal is rarely found in these maps, so charcoal is needed. 'Raw' wood is needed, so you might have to go out for some, just seconds before the walls fall down.